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Welcome to a new concept of interactive online story that merges Role Play Game and Transmedia Narrative principles.

Its structure is thought like a constantly evolving dynamic world. Explore the game universe locations by surfing between the Official Site and Social Network platforms connected to it, immerse yourself into the setting and interact with Locations, Characters and Events to influence the narrative universe.

In Sons of Dropp the story is not yet defined and much of his course depends on you too.

Coming soon 2018
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«If you don't know what Mesaz is, you'd better be off my Inn»
Boris Malgor - The Innkeeper
Boris Malgor - The Innkeeper

The story so far

The core of the story is the glorious city of Dropp, a metropolis founded in the infernal land of Abhandon, on the Hyle planet.

It is said that over 2000 years ago, a group of exiles traveled for months through the threatening lands of Abhandon. Starving and tired, they reached a desolate land scortched by the sun, forshadowing their own death. But there, deep inside the deserts heart they found something unexpected...
A spring.

Mastery of its founding fathers and water presence let Dropp to live a fast and unexpected development in that remote and hostile region. Then, after a long golden age, an earthquake of gigantic dimensions triggered a concentrated series of disasters that put the city on its knees.

Today, Dropp is a fallen ruin.

It needs new citizens to rebuild it, protect it from internal and external threats and bring it back to the lost glory.

Are you ready to become one of the Sons of Dropp?

«I trust my pistols more than I trust people»
The Stranger
The Stranger

Main features

  • The Story is not yet defined but evolves based on the community behaviour

  • Features and setting can change based on the events

  • Concept Arts, Audiovisual and Narrative contents constitute the game world

  • Narrative universe takes place on Official Site and the different Social Profiles: each one plays a specific role into the game dinamyc

  • Interaction with storytelling through a compelling system of Missions, Quests and Riddles

  • Main Characters are "managed" by real people, there are no predecided dialogues

  • Character growth system grants access to better equipment and more game features

  • Active participation to the story provides reward with real prizes

Sons of Dropp offers an innovative  entertaining experience and could be enhanced with more features over time.

The crowdfunding campaign is now live on INDIEGOGO

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